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The work we did with this brand in the Diabetes Management space was an excellent example of how Organic Flywheel Marketing can drive compounding website growth over time. This brand wanted to become the online authority for all Google searches related to diabetes management.

The end result they were striving for was to bring in more MQLs from Google in order to reduce their dependence on Paid Advertising.

Ryder Digital was up to the challenge of turning this website from only getting branded search traffic to generating 3k visitors per day to their website, and dominating Google on all searches related to diabetes management, many of which from non-branded search queries.

Ultimately, Organic Flywheel Marketing successfully drove more conversions and brand engagement at a better profit margin than Google Ads. Reducing their ad-spend budget freed up more capital for product innovation and better customer support, helping them perpetually get further and further ahead of the competition. Here’s how they did it.



Project Information


B2C Diabetes Management Device


Organic Flywheel Marketing


8 Months [ongoing]


San Francisco, CA

Avg Organic Clicks Per Month
Avg MQLs Per Month
Organic Revenue

The Challenge

challenge points: tl;dr

  • Paid ads became too expensive
  • Negative experiences with traditional SEO agencies
  • SEO generated traffic, but not ROI

challenge points: the story

This brand found themselves struggling to find profitability in the dense competition of Google Ads and Paid Social Ads. With increasing CPC and CPM costs, they began exploring other avenues of customer generation.

They found themselves working with an SEO agency that focused on technical optimization, backlinks, and content. Then they found themselves facing the same issue many brands face when working with SEO agencies:

Horrible communication, late deliverables, and piss-poor AI generated content.

Naturally, the budget they allocated to this agency went into a blackhole with absolutely no ROI, leaving them wondering if SEO is dead (hint: SEO is not dead… sort of).

Thankfully, their marketing leaders were open to try again with Organic Flywheel Marketing, a website strategy that focuses on the holistic user journey through the site and doesn’t rely on AI to generate content.

The Solution

solution points: tl;dr

  • Relentless focus on holistic site experience for users
  • Quality, handwritten content > Tons of AI generated content
  • On-page engagement and content promotion are key elements to growth

solution points: the story

This brand had very little non-branded traffic coming in and had a fairly low conversion rate from that traffic. By working them through the 4 stages of the Organic Flywheel: Build, Delight, Engage, Expand, we were able to use the power of perpetual compound growth to our advantage. Here’s how we did it:

Phase 01


This phase includes many traditional SEO methods to ensure the website is prepared for unrestrained growth. We started with a Technical SEO Audit that uncovered several technical issues with the site that we were able to resolve.

This phase also includes optimizing all core pages on the site for their primary keywords, fixing major UX issues, fine-tuning pagespeed, and aligning on our content strategy approach.

This phase took two months to complete, as the site was in relatively good standings to start with. Sometimes it can take longer to work through the initial Build phase.

Phase 02


Once the foundation of the site was fine-tuned in the Build phase, we turned our attention to the Delight phase: The primary content-creation phase where we build unique, original content that delights the reader and solves their problems.

Content topics were generated from a mix of competitive keyword research (content gaps), analyzing their product reviews and common customer complaints, and targeting zero-search keywords to build early momentum.

The subsequent blog posts were hand-written by actual subject-matter experts (Not AI), it demonstrated authority to appeal to Google's E-E-A-T requirements, consisted of original research and data, and included other forms of media such as video and infographics.

Phase 03


The engage phase focuses on driving positive on-page engagement, which signals to Google that users are finding value on the website. Things like UX, great copywriting, and CRO help drive these user signals.

To elevate the Engage strategy, we focused on driving more leads through the blog by adding a free lead magnet to generate MQLs for the business. In addition, adding elements such as social share buttons, a sticky table of contents, and video helps drive additional on-page engagement.

Phase 04


By the time we hit the expand phase, about 4 months into the engagement with Ryder Digital, the website had a decently sized content library and was starting to drive traffic. It was time to start on the Expand phase in parallel to the content production.

Expand in the Organic Flywheel consist of the activities that will reduce friction in the flywheel and help increase it's weight so that it can accumulate more momentum.

This was done by building backlinks and branded mentions, implementing schema across the site, promoting content on social and other channels, and improving additional authority signals on the site.

The Results

seo case study

By 8 months, the brand had gone from around 1,000 daily visitors to on average 3,000 visits to the site per day from organic search alone. This increase in organic traffic resulted in a 41% increase in MQLs per month, and ultimately an increase in revenue of 43% from organic search.

Not only did their revenue from organic search significantly increase, but they were able to ease off the ad-spend like they had set out to do.

This brand continues to grow it’s organic presence using Organic Flywheel methodologies and is viewed as a thought leader in the diabetes management space. 

The biggest nuance to this success? Their team was extremely open to our recommendations and wanted to move as fast as us.

If you want your brand to see similar results, you can get in touch with us and we can create an Organic Flywheel Strategy for your website to reach the point of perpetual growth.

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